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Who We are

Khan foods factory are located in inner mongolia CHINA, which is traditionally known as the “tomato growing” region,Professional produced tomato products.

Our well-equipped quality control lab, HACCP and ISO 9000-certified procedures and processes.

assure our customers extremely high standards of raw materials' quality, products' specifications,
consistency, filled weights, volumes, shelf life, and traceability.

What you do isn't about canned tomato products, it's about family.

It's about putting a delicious, healthy meal in front of them every day and seeing the smiles on their faces.

Our tomato products are all about family too.


Where we are in the world



araba- Yemen-Uae-Turkey


Cameroon - Cote Divoire - Chad - Kenya - Libya - Congo-Mauritius - Morocco - Rwanda- Seychelles- Sierra Leone - Sudan -Zambia - Angola - Senegal - Guinea -Gambia- Liberia -Benin - Guinea - Ghana - Mali - Niger



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