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WPTC Crop update as of 23 October 2019

WPTC Crop update as of 23 October 2019

December 04,2019 | 799 views

A provisional result very close to the initial forecasts
The most recent processing information collected by the WPTC in late October shows a global preliminary result of 37.266 million metric tonnes (mT), up 2.45 million tonnes from the relatively low output of the 2018 crop year (34.815 million mT). This level of production is also very close (-0.1%) to what was planned (37.32 million mT) when processing intentions were announced in February/March. In the end, it is close to the upper end of the range of current estimates for global consumption.
With 17.465 million mT processed, which represent nearly 47% of the overall activity, the AMITOM remains the world’s leading region, ahead of the NAFTA zone (10.935 million mT and 29.3% of the season’s processed quantities worldwide) and all other regions (8.866 million mT and 23.8% of the total).

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