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Canned tomato paste

December 03,2019 | 2556 views


Product: Canned tomato paste (direct filled in tomato season)

Quality stanard: The goods comply with current australian food standards and AQIS IMPORT REGUlATIONS including new labelling as at 20/12/02.

we export canned tomato paste direct filled in tomato season.100% pure,no color,no additives,a/b:2.1min lycopene:50mg/100g min  in 2011year,client ask for check the goods before the shippment by themselves,2012 year client ask for SGS inspection before shippment,from 2013 year,client trust us and no need to do SGS inspection and export to Austrialia directly.

Since 2011,we have been exporting 3kg canned tomato paste to Australia market about nine years,and the goods is well enjoyed by consumer and we establish long good business relation with clients.

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