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canned sardines in vegetable oil

December 04,2019 | 2376 views

Product:canned sardines in vegetable oil

In 2019, a client in Benin chatted with me that the canned fish he had purchased from other company had a strange smell when opened. why is that?

I told him that the strange smell of fish was mainly due to fish is not fresh and I sent the canned fish from our company to him for reference.  High quality canned fish not only depends on the fish size, variety, freshness, and quality of the raw oil, oil add water or not , The difference in production technology will lead to differences in price and quality.

The customer placed a small trial order after check our canned fish sample and has been purchasing canned fish from our company since 2019. Choose our company, reduce your worries, and build a good brand value for customers is what our company has been working hard to adhere to.

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