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Bouillon Cube

Product Name:Bouillon cube,Seasoning Cube,Stock cube,Soup cube,spices cube cooking cube condiment cube
Flavor:Chicken,Beef,Shrimp Fish,Mutton,Curry,Onion,Vegetable,tomato etc
Ingredients:Salt,msg,palm oil,Starch,Flavour enhancers,vegtable, fat,sugar etc
Packing: 4g,5g,8gg,10g,12g etc
Packing style: Envelop or side packing
Shelf life: 24months
Storage condition: away from direct sunlight and stor in a cool and dry place

Specification: 10g/pc, 60pcs/box,24boxes/carton  1850ctns/20ftc,
10g/pc, 48pcs/box,30boxes/carton  1850ctns/20ftc
10g/pc, 100pcs/box,12boxes/carton  2160ctns/20ftc,
8g/pc,  72pcs/box,24boxes/carton   1800ctns/20ftc ,
5g/pc,  120pcs/box,24boxes/carton 1850ctns/20ftc,
4g/pc, 112pcs/box,30boxes/carton 1900ctns/20ftc
4g/pc, 25pcs/box,80boxes/carton 2150ctns/20ftc,
4g/pc, 10pcs/bag,200bags/carton 2150ctns/20ftc ,
4g/pc, 100pcs/bag,20bags/carton 2150ctns/20ftc

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