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Drum chilly paste

Chilli Paste
Ingredients:fresh chilli without additives
Brix: 10-12%
Bostwick: 7cm/30sec max
PH: 4.0-4.4 at 20c
A/B: 1.9min
SHU: >1500
Net Weight: 216kg+/-10kg
Shelf life: 24 months from production date
Packaging: in 220l aseptic bags in conical iron drums of about 230kg

Product Description Aseptic Chilli Paste
Origin China
ngredients Declaration Jinta Chilli
Ingredients Description Chilli 8/12% Brix
The fresh Chillies are delivered to the factory in bulk crates, and assessed
for quality before unloading and being destalked. The crates are emptied
Process Description into flotation tanks, washed, inspected and colour sorted. The Chillies are
then pureed so that there are no visible Whole Seeds and heated to 92C –
98C It is then heated, cooled and filled aseptically into clean aseptic bags
packed into 220kg Steel Drums
Pack Details Each durm net weigh about 220 kgs, 4 drums on a pallet, 80 drums in
Process details Temp: 105 for 4 min cooled immediately by Flash Cooler systems below
Finshed Product Description
General Chilli Paste
Analysis Pungency 2500 SHU Min Colour Hunter: 2.0 Min
Appearance Homegenous crushed Chillies
Defects EVM Nil
Flavour & Odour Characteristic Chilli flavour, free from off taints and odours.
Texture Coarse texture, without syneresis
Microbiological TVC  < 10/g Pathogenic Absent
Standards Lactobacillus < 10/g
Nutritional Energy 22kCal/90kJ Carbohydrate 4.2 g
Data Protein 1.9 g Fat 0.3
Shelf Life 24 months from date of production
Storage Conditions Dry and ambient storage
Packaging Specifications
Primary (Food Contact) packaging Aseptic bag
Secondary (Outer) packaging Drum
Tertiary (Transportation) packaging Shipping container

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